Boston: A society is determined by how it treats its most vulnerable citizens

Monday, August 15, 2016 to Saturday, August 20, 2016


Food, Water, Shelter.

Learn the pioneering work being done in one of our oldest cities to secure these basic needs for our fellow citizens:

 Y2Y Harvard Square, Bread and Jams, City Life: Vida Urbana, Youth on Fire, Bridge Over Troubled Waters


Upon return,

We will facilitate forums for dialogue with the community leaders and legislators working to secure these basic rights here in Vermont.


This is in partnership with the Northfield Teen Center. 



Shorts From The Trip


Created by Rachael Cummings, Class of 2017 Montpelier High School

Spare Change

Created by Emery Brush, Class of 2017 Montpelier High School

We Aren't Just Homeless

Created by Nikki Ruel, Class of 2017 Northfield High School

The Relocation of the Working Poor

Created by Amara Freeman, Class of 2019 Northfield High School