Coastal Maine: Why are the fishermen struggling?

Friday, July 5, 2013 to Friday, July 19, 2013

Our oceans are rapidly changing.  

Climate change. Overfishing. New technologies. Shifting cultural values. Tourism. 

As a team we’ve been learning a lot about these changes and how they are affecting the fishing industry. What and How are fisherman and the communities who make a living on the working waterfront doing to survive and adapt their industry? How can their stories help to illuminate a huge and at times unwieldy issue?

From July 28 through August 7 we’ll be traveling down the eastern seaboard — from coastal Maine to Gloucester, Massachusetts —probing these issues by striking up conversations with the people we meet along the way. 

Gulf Of Maine Fishermen,

Shorts From The Trip

The Noble Task - Tobias Freedner-Matesi

Local? - Alexis McCloud

Trap to Plate - Leroy Storey-Hall

Final Short

Nobody Notices the Green Crab - Ned McEleney and Alexis McCloud

A spontaneous choreography, layered with relevance.


Men and Women of Fishing, on Coastal Maine - Miles Scanlon

Port Clyde Fresh Catch - Ned McEleney