Southern Utah: Canyon Lands

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 to Monday, June 30, 2014

So many opinions. So many voices. So many designations. One land. And one crew out to feel the landscape and listen for complexity and understanding. Why?

Initial Thoughts from the Crew:

Eva: To learn about the natural resource issue in Utah. Leroy: To see some new things and have some new experiences. It’s just so different from what I’m used to and it not at all like Vermont. Aron: To see natural beauty, to work with and teach media skills. Mason: To join a group of independent film students looking to learn about the land and issues surrounding it in Utah and also explore filmmaking. Mary: To feel this surreal landscape and learn from the people in Utah how they understand the uses and worth of public land. Michelle: To explore the wild west and listen with open ears and heart to all of the different voices out here and really understand what’s going on. Alahni: I’d never explored filmmaking before and I wanted to leave Vermont. Aylie: Wilderness is a complicated issue – who distinguishes it, who gets to enjoy it, and who lives in it. Who came first? Where does wilderness begin? and how do we cross the line?

Shorts From The Trip

Crew Canoeing the Colorado!

The Eyes of the Future - Eva Kamman

Travel and the Human Experience

Created by Alahni Wright, St. Johnsbury Academy Class of 2017

Unintentional Appreciation

Southern Utah: CELEBRATION of Crew and Journey

Lizard State of Mind