Vermont: Wind Energy on our Green Mountain ridgeline

Monday, September 19, 2016 to Friday, September 23, 2016

We will travel around Vermont to learn from people on the frontlines of this boiling controversy weighing on our state. We will learn from citizens in Lowell and Sheffield, where wind development is already installed and 'on line' on their ridges; we will experience the groundbreaking ceremony for the Deerfield Wind Project, the FIRST and ONLY wind development in the National Forest; we will learn from the citizens in Grafton and Windham where a vote is taking place in November, 2017 that will help determine whether a wind development installation will be built; and we will learn from neighboring citizens to the proposed Swanton Wind project.



Vermont Commons School, South Burlington, VT

Shorts From The Trip

The Big Picture

Created By Oliver Jager, Vermont Commons Class of 2019

Wind and Health

Created by Nathan Brown, Vermont Commons Class of 2021

Wind Energy: Environmental Destruction?

Created by Xavier Ferris and Ezra Doty

Tension in the Air

Created by Sevi Burget-Foster, Vermont Commons Class of 2019

Freedom and Dis-Unity

Created by Lilah Neider, Vermont Commons Class of 2021

Wind: Tearing Vermont Apart

Created by Alexis Marnellos, Vermont Commons Class of 2019


Created by Catherine Krahl, Vermont Commons Class of 2021

Wind: Student Journalism Hits the Road

Created by Aidan Daniels, Vermont Commons Class of 2019